“I want to do it all by myself!”

…said no father ever. But it’s the quote of choice of my two year old son Madden at the moment. In some situations when he states this, all that comes out is a nervous laugh as I picture just how that is going to play out. I’m all for fostering independence, but if it’s cleaning dog crap off the back tire of his power wheel that he wants to do by himself, I know where ‘all by himself‘ is headed. Straight to a bath kicking and screaming, poop smeared and convulsing, and that is just my reaction.

My wife and I are fortunate enough to have just had a healthy baby boy #2, Quinn. I’m sure eventually he will want to do it all by himself as well, but for the moment he does absolutely nothing himself except poop and sleep. As I delved back into the throes of Similac hell, and was prompted by my wife, I decided to venture into the world of blogging. It seems very trite and cliche to be a parent using this forum to write, but I figured it could serve as a place to document, vent and share my opinions on the mind bending journey that is parenting. I figured I could do it all by myself and maybe use it as a therapeutic tool when I feel like I’m the worst father on earth. I plan on sharing daily experiences, both the highest of points of parenting and the lowest and my opinions and thoughts on life in general. Humor will be interjected where necessary, and I’ll most likely be sipping on something as I’m typing, so it is sure to remain mildly entertaining.

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