Quinn’s Top Five

As I stated earlier, my two year old Madden, wants to do EVERYTHING by himself. Here are 5 things he should be thankful he is able to do independently. Two week old brother, Quinn, is not so lucky. Which means dad has the good fortune of enduring the following characteristics of infancy.

Top Five Things Quinn Can’t Do:

1. burp: how hard is it to involuntarily allow gas to escape from the start of your digestive tract? Quinn struggles to produce even the tiniest of a burp when I am slapping full force on his back or jostling him around.

2. control his arm movements: quick and spastic, the way a newborn moves it’s arms is just simply uncomfortable to watch.

3. hold his head up: back in 1950, the modern bobble head doll first appeared. Clearly the inspiration was in the week after someone brought their first child home from the hospital.

4. look at ANYTHING:

Oh Quinn, look at that, a deer is out in the front yard!

…never mind, even if he was able to turn his head in that direction, everything outside of what…18 inches???…is just a fuzzy mess of colors.

5. communicate: Quinn has one go to move, he cries. Period.

Two year old Madden should count his lucky stars that he has a full arsenal equipped with gestures, facial expressions, and his big boy words…but here he is proving that the old go to cryin’ habit is hard to break!

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