The Fam

Marti is my wife of seven years. She and I started dating the day after my last day of high school. We naively started discussing marriage and family a month into our relationship. However, we must have been onto something as we are truly blessed to have the love and connection that we share. At the risk of using a very overused phrase, she is the glue of our family. I fear I would be an unhinged father if I didn’t have her by my side each day. She keeps her boys balanced and happy.

Madden is my two-year old. I know every parent would say the same, but he is absolutely a one of a kind kid. He is well spoken and intelligent, caring and compassionate, and hilarious. He makes me want to pull my hair out on numerous occasions each day, but I know it is just my own unrealistically high expectations combined with the feelings every parent goes through about the “twos”. He is the best big brother Quinn could’ve asked for.

Quinn is the newborn. He is an infant. I love him incredibly much, but as my wife would tell you and I’ll tell you myself, I just don’t really “get” the stage of infancy. Luckily, his mother thrives in caring for this age. Quinn is a mild-mannered, even keeled little dude. He let’s us sleep (enough to survive) and he hardly gets fussy without a good reason. I know he is going to be amazing. He already is.

Norman is mistake number one our first dog. We got him when we were living in an apartment and carefree. Despite going years being house trained, I can count the number of times he has pooped outside in the past four years on my fingers. He is a sweet dog and loves our boys, but I just wish we had done it differently. If I could do it over again I’d have had the kids, then brought the dogs in when they were school age.

Gertrude is mistake number two our second dog. She came along after we bought the house and before Madden was born. We thought it was an awesome idea to give Norm a playmate. Instead we doubled the amount of headache I have. She is skittish, but sweet with Marti and I and a couple of other select people. She could care less for children, and runs anytime Madden is within a four-foot radius of her.


So there it is…that is the family that the majority of the content of this blog will cover. Like most families, we’ve got our things to work on as individuals and collectively, but all in all we’re a tight-knit family and we’re fortunate to have each other. Enjoy!


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